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What is a Catcher’s Thumb?

The Catcher’s Thumb is a piece of equipment that Pros have been using for years, but has been unavailable to the amateur player. Until now! The Catcher’s Thumb is a preventative splint to be used on your glove hand. Don’t let an injured thumb hinder your performance behind the plate.

The Catcher’s Thumb works by protecting the second joint in the thumb from hyper-extending (getting “thumbed”). Most catchers get “thumbed” when a ball is foul tipped directly back into your thumb, either causing a hyper-extension or a bruise.

Any catcher who has been “thumbed” before will tell you that this is a nagging injury that could last an entire season. Not only does the Catcher’s Thumb help players who havec already been “thumbed”, it helps prevent the injury from ever occuring.

Our goal is to help catchers of all ages prevent an injury that could keep you out of the game!


Who is the Catcher’s Thumb for?

The Catcher’s Thumb was designed for baseball and softball catchers, but can be worn by any player who has, or wants to prevent, a thumb injury.

The Catcher’s Thumb is typically worn by an athlete that is between 12 and 22 years old. During this time period catchers will catch pitchers that throw harder, and pitches have more movement, than they are used which increases the risk of injury. This is for players who want to rehab, or prevent, a thumb injury.

Who developed the Catcher’s Thumb?

The Catcher’s Thumb was developed in 2008 by Xan Barksdale while coaching at the University of Louisville.

Coach Barksdale recognized a need for a thumb guard while he was playing in the Atlanta Braves organization and had a custom thumb guard made for him. Now, the same custom thumb guard is available to all amateur players that need to protect their thumb!

Why should we use a Catcher’s Thumb instead of something else?

The Catcher’s Thumb is the ORIGINAL thumb guard for catchers, and it’s still the best!

There have been many companies try to copy the Catcher’s Thumb, but no one has succeeded in making a product that works as well, and is as easy to custom fit.

There is a reason that 10 years later the Catcher’s Thumb is still the #1 choice of catchers at every level.


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The Catcher's Thumb is the original thumb guard
developed for catchers and it's still the BEST!