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How to Mold Your
Catcher's Thumb

How to Mold Your Catcher’s Thumb…

Step 1: Heat the Catcher’s Thumb in hot water.

Place a large pot/pan of water on a stove. The temperature should be medium/high heat, but the water should not be boiling. Dip the Catcher’s Thumb into the water without letting it touch the sides or the bottom of the pot/pan using tongs or a fork. After 15-20 seconds, the Catcher’s Thumb will lose its rigidity and it will become easy to form. (Note: Younger players with smaller hands might want to trim the Catcher’s Thumb to a smaller/more suitable size before this step.)

Step 2: Forming the Catcher’s Thumb to your hand.

Once the Catcher’s Thumb is flexible, place it around your thumb. It should fit snugly around your hand and be comfortable. If you do not like the way that it initially molded, simply reheat and remold to your liking! Once the Catcher’s Thumb is on your hand and you are happy with how it fits, place it under cold tap water while it is still on your hand to set the mold.

Step 3: Trim the excess material.

Draw lines with a marker where there is unwanted material and trim with scisors while the Catcher’s Thumb is not on your hand. (Note: If you slightly reheat the Catcher’s Thumb it will be easier to trim the excess material.) Be sure to trim the Catcher’s Thumb so that there are no sharp/uncomfortable edges.

Step 4: Use your new Catcher’s Thumb!

You are now ready to use your Catcher’s Thumb! Loosen the thumb loop in your catcher’s mitt if necessary and don’t get “thumbed” anymore!


*Practice making a Catcher’s Thumb out of an old piece of cloth or paper towel. This way you can make a stencil or get a good idea what size Catcher’s Thumb will work best for you and you don’t have to worry about cutting too much off of the hard casting material.

*Cut the Catcher’s Thumb too big! You can always go back and trim the Catcher’s Thumb to a smaller size if it’s bigger than you like, but once you cut it off it’s gone for good!

*Don’t mold the Catcher’s Thumb together where it overlaps around your thumb. This takes the flexibility out of the Catcher’s Thumb which makes it less comfortable and harder to remold!

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