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Professional Players

JJ Ethel, Los Angeles Dodgers Organization


Jeff Arnold, San Francisco Giants Organization


“The Catcher’s Thumb has become an essential part of my catching equipment since the day I first wore one. The Catcher’s Thumb aids in protecting my thumb, while at the same time enhances my ability to receive pitches effectively. I know that the Catcher’s Thumb will definitely benefit catchers of all ages, but specifically those beginning to catch pitchers with higher velocity and more movement. Now that I have worn it for over 2 years, I don’t feel comfortable going behind the plate without it.”

Derrick Alfonso, Milwaukee Brewers Organization


“When I was a Junior at the University of Louisville I was hit in the glove hand with a foul ball that ricocheted off my thumb. I would have missed two weeks of the season if not for the Catcher’s Thumb. But I didn’t miss a beat, and it just so happens that we made it to Omaha and played in the 2007 College World Series! I can’t stress enough the importance of having a Catcher’s Thumb to keep you safe and comfortable at the highest level of catching.”

College Coaches

Mike Bianco, Head Coach, Ole Miss


“I highly recommend the Catcher’s Thumb to catchers of all ages and ability levels. It is a great product that provides exactly what it advertises – providing valuable support to the one part of your hand that you cannot catch without. In addition, the customization to the hand that it provides allows for a natural feel. We are thoroughly pleased with the product, and most importantly, with the customer support we have received. We are fans for life!”

Dan McDonnell, Head Coach, University of Louisville


“I have had catchers use the Catcher’s Thumb on championship teams with Team USA and the University of Louisville. It helps keep our catchers healthy and in the game. It is great for injury prevention or a catcher who has already suffered an injury. I recommend it to all catchers who don’t want to miss an inning behind the plate.”

Stuart Lake, Head Coach, Charleston Southern University


“The Catcher’s Thumb is a necessity for all catchers as much as their catchers mitt itself! With the amount of pitches and different pitchers catchers catc, the Catcher’s Thumb will add innings to your season. The Catcher’s Thumb will add needed stability to your thumb and help in preventing many serious injuries that are common to the catchers. Our guys would not be caught catching without the Catcher’s Thumb!”

Jon Shehan, Head Coach, Millersville University


The Catcher’s Thumb is a phenomenal product that will keep your catchers healthy throughout the season. As a former pro catcher, I fully realize the importance of protecting your thumb behind the dish. Getting “thumbed” can greatly affect your productivity both defensively and offensively and the worst part is that it can last for the rest of the season. This product will not only prevent thumb injuries, it will improve your confidence as a receiver.”

Tom Griffin, Head Coach, Carson Newman College


“The Catcher’s Thumb is a must for catchers of all ages who have had an injury previously to their thumb on their catching hand. An injury to the thumb can be long lasting, this product can help prevent this from happening. I have tried several type of thumb protectors, the Catcher’s Thumb is the best one by far. I highly recommend it for catchers of all ages.”

Richard Dennis, University of the Cumberlands


“The Catcher’s Thumb is a great product that serves a huge need in our game. Having a healthy hand is very important to a catcher. The Catcher’s Thumb is easy to mold and comfortable to use, a must have for the serious catcher.”

Michael Jones, University of West Alabama


“We had a lot of trouble in the past with our catchers jamming their thumbs while receiving a pitch. That was until we tried your product. We have been using your product for the Catcher’s Thumb for a while now. Our catchers love it and say their thumb troubles have completely disappeared. Congratulations on a very successful product and thanks for your help in keeping our guys healthy.”

Skylar Meade, Eastern Illinois University


“As a former player, and now a college pitching coach, I have seen the importance of the Catcher’s Thumb first hand in not only preventing the repetitive pounding of the inner part of a catcher’s thumb, but the comfort that goes along with the added protection within their mitt. I, without a doubt, suggest this piece of equipment as necessary for any catcher that wants to be a top of the line backstopnow and in their future.”

Jose Vazquez, Bethune-Cookman University


“As a former catcher, who has dealt with thumb injuries in the past, I believe that the Catcher’s Thumb should be a piece of equipment in every catcher’s bag. A thumb injury is nagging and can affect the player’s performance throughout the season. The Catcher’s Thumb can eliminate this injury all together. I highly recommend this product to every catcher looking to play ball at the next level.”

Nolan Neiman, University of Maryland


“I believe that the Catcher’s Thumb is something that every catcher should use. Your thumb is the one thing that, as a catcher, you need to keep protected at all costs. The Catcher’s Thumb is the perfect tool for that. I recommend this product to every catcher at any level. You can’t go wrong!”


Pat Hassell, University of Louisville


“As an athletic trainer, it’s always frustrating to deal with an injury that could have easily been prevented. The Catcher’s Thumb is a great product that is specifically used to prevent such an injury from occuring. It is easily worth making the investment in this product, and having the peace of mind knowing your catching hand will always be protected.”

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